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Nomad Blinds has a network of distributors around Australia who are experts in the field of window furnishing. If you are looking for a distributor of our products to fit out your home or office feel free to peruse the contact details below or call us now for a supplier in your area who can fulfill your needs.

If you are a window furnishing retailer and would like to discuss Nomad Blinds products and services and become a distributor of our products please contact us on 02 9692 0066 or email [email protected].


 Unit 21/7 Sefton Rd Thornliegh NSW 2141
Ph: 02 9484 2425


Timbershades have been known since we opened in 1986 as a supplier of Premium Quality Plantation Shutters and Timber Venetian Blinds. In 2007 we expanded our product range to include top quality fabric window coverings. Nomad Blinds are our major supplier of Roller Blinds, Roman Blinds and Panel Glide Blinds. The reason we have chosen Nomad as our supplier is the quality of the components and fabrics used by them in making their Blinds. There are many cheap options on the market but Timbershades have kept our clients happy by supplying a quality, long lasting product at a fair price. Nomad helps us to do this.   

Our Reps will respond quickly and come direct to your home or office to show you our range and help you to get a feel for how the product will look when installed. Our own fitters provide a professional measurement and installation service.  



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